About us

My name is Maddy, and I am the person behind Loving Baby Gifts along with my husband, George.  I am a mom of 5 (yes, I am probably crazy, but I love it).  I created this site to help people find the right loving baby gifts for the people in their lives.

loving baby gifts
Okay so this may be a bit old, but 5 kids certainly adds some wrinkles!!

Are you having a baby?  Do you know someone who is having a baby?  Do you need a baby gift?  You should cherish your new baby and congratulate those around you for their new additions.  The best way to do this?  With an awesome gift.

Here at Loving Baby Gifts, we hope to give you lots of ideas about all the best gifts you could buy the babies in your life.  These range from baby toys to clothing items to essential baby items to baby equipment.  If you don’t feel inspired after checking out Loving Baby Gifts, then we are not doing our job properly!

You can also find ideas on this site for the new mom.  Help her feel pampered and special with a loving gift.  I know I appreciated everything anyone did for me. There are also gift ideas, such as a breast pump, which are great for both mom and baby.

There are also present ideas that you may not have thought of or even heard of before. Presents such as diaper cakes can be very special as well as useful. A handmade blanket is always going to be a treasured item as well.

This is a new site at the moment and our first one, so please be patient as we write more and more articles about loving baby gifts.  Please note, we do not accept any monetary compensation for our reviews and the opinions are all our own.