Announcement Blankets

An announcement blanket is a blanket that has the announcement of the birth of a new baby and these blankets can be purchased at toy stores, online retailers and from specialty gift shops. Announcement blankets usually come in a variety of colors and the birth announcement is monogrammed on the blanket in a fancy font and medium to large font size. A birth announcement blanket is a loving baby gift to give a new mother and her child because it is a lifetime reminder of the special day and the new mother can have it as a keepsake for years to come.  There are some beautiful examples on pinterest.

Announcement Blankets Make Good Decor

Another benefit of giving an announcement blanket as a gift is that the blanket can be used as décor for the baby’s nursery. For example, the new mother may place the blanket on the nursery wall just above the baby’s crib and in addition to the blanket she may post pictures of the baby all around the blanket.

Ideas for Creating Birth Announcement Blankets

If you make blankets at home, here are some neat ideas on creating birth announcement blankets. If the new baby is from a certain country, do research on the country and incorporate that culture into the blanket. For example, if the baby is from Mexico, you can create a blanket in colors red, white and green and then stitch the entire announcement in Spanish. Another idea is to create the blanket with a sports theme if it is a baby boy.

The Baby Can Use The Blanket for Sleeping

Since babies sleep quite a bit during the day, a personalized birth announcement blanket would make a good gift for the new mother because not only will the blanket serve as décor but it will also keep the baby comfortable as she sleeps. When purchasing a birth announcement blanket, you want to choose one that is made out of comfortable fabric. Wool, cotton and muslin are all nice fabrics for birth announcement blankets.

Birth Announcement Blankets Are Also Good Gifts for Grandparents

If you are new parents and you want to give a memorable gift to your parents for their anniversary, you can give them a birth announcement blanket with an image of the baby printed in the middle and a nice message to your parents embroidered on the blanket. Your parents will cherish the blanket and it serves as a conversation piece when they talk to others about your new baby.


Sometimes the best gifts are not toys, picture books, or more beautiful clothes although those are nice. Gifts that create the best memories are personalized ones and these include birth announcement blankets. You can create these blankets any way you want and most gift stores offer special birth announcement blankets that you can customize. As the baby gets older, you want to maintain the blanket by washing it, ironing it, folding it and then placing it in a plastic bag to keep it clean.

There is also the option of buying or making a baby blanket.