Baby Sleeping Bags

When looking for a baby gift you come across this odd looking thing in the baby aisle. It looks like a pillowcase with a vest on the top. This is a baby sleeping bag, it is also known as a sleep sack or a swaddle sack. These are great little things for any weather as you can get them in different material weights. It means you can have your child wear a light sleeper on under this and they do not need a blanket which could cover their face or wrap around them to stay warm.

Sleeping tight

These bags have gained popularity recently with all the mentions of sleep safety. Gone are the days of countless blankets, pillows and other things which could potentially suffocate your baby or cause SIDS. This eliminates the need for anything that would be loose or could strangle or choke the child and also can not be kicked off therefore making sure their feet stay toasty warm all night long.

A lot of children also like these as some of them are designed to hug the baby quite snugly. This helps the baby feel safe and secure as though their mother were holding them meaning they sleep sounder and wake less allowing their parents some time to relax and sleep.

What to look for in a Baby Sleeping Bag

These bags come in many different materials and designs. There are some which are just a sack with holes for the arms and legs, others wrap and secure the arms against the baby’s sides and are much snugger. Some of the sleeping bags are a combination of the two. They are commonly made of cotton or fleece to allow for breathability and warmth.

Some things to take into consideration are:

  • What age/size is the sleeping bag made for?
    • You want to make sure that if you are buying a sleeping bag for a baby that the bag is small enough to fit them yet large enough to last them plenty of use. Some are designed for 0-3 months yet only go to 10 pounds, if the baby was born at 9 pounds and was very long, this would not last them long at all, it would probably be best to use the next size up.
  • What time of year is this designed for?
    • Some of the heavier blankets such as the fleece ones really are not versatile and although they are wonderful for winter, they are not appropriate for summer. A cotton one is more versatile in that it can be used in any weather.
  • What climate do you live in?
    • If you live in an area where it is cold a good portion of the year then perhaps a fleece sleeping bag may be the ideal option, and sleeves may be a good idea as well to ensure their little arms do not get cold.
  • How easy is it to put the baby in?
    • Some of these are very straight forward yet others you need to follow rather complicated instructions. Remember babies move and struggle and therefore the easier it is to put them in it, the better.

Baby sleeping bags can be purchased anywhere that has a baby department and will come in a variety of styles and materials. This is a great gift for new parents and their precious little ones.