Best Baby Shower Gifts Under $20

You need to buy a baby shower gift for a good price? It’s not always easy to find a great baby gift especially if you do not have children yourself and have no idea what a baby needs.  This can be made especially difficult if you are on a budget.

Thankfully for you, we can help you out. There are some fabulous baby gifts out there that will impress any mom to be. The best part is that there are many options for less than $20. Here are some of our top picks for the best baby shower gifts you can buy for less than $20.

  1. Sticky Bellies Stickers, $14.99. This gift is great! The new mom can stick these numbers onto the front of their baby’s clothes every month to take a cute collection of “1 month”, “2 month” etc photos. It is an original and thoughtful gift.
  2. Baby Minky Dotted Blanket, $13.Blankets are always in great demand with a new baby and these ones are awesome! There are five great colours to choose from.
  3. Personalized Baby Spoons, $14.90. These cute baby spoons will make an original and cute baby gift that will show the mom to be how much you care.
  4. Ba Bottle Holder, $15. This very cool bottle holder will let the new baby hold the bottle for itself at a much younger moment. The mom to be will really appreciate this milestone and the fact that you helped it happen earlier!
  5. Baby Legs, $10. Baby legs are basically leg warmers for babies. They are a great and easy way to keep baby warm while still giving easy access to baby’s bottom for diaper changes. Baby legs come in all different colors and patterns and it will be easy to find something that will suit your taste.
  6. Hairbands, $8+. This gift is an awesome way to make a new baby girl even more adorable. There are many types and sizes of hairbands you can buy that new baby girl coming into the world.
  7. Babyprint Ornament, $10. This kit will enable the new mom to quickly and easily make a footprint ornament to help remember the precious newborn moments. Thoughtful and unique, this is another great present option.
  8. Baby beanie, $19.50. For Winter babies, a beanie is a great gift. These super cute designs are sure to wow any mom and new baby. Take your pick from any colour or design. These handcrafted beanies will be a hit.
  9. Turtle Soother, $11.50. This cute turtle soother helps distract babies when they are upset or at times like a diaper change. It glows and makes sound.
  10. Baby Turtle Crochet Pattern, $5. For something extra special, how about buying this cute crochet pattern and making the new baby a gift? The mom is sure to appreciate the love gone into making a special gift of your own.
  11. Pharmacy gift voucher, whatever value you want! Read more here.

Hopefully these ideas have solved your baby shower dramas!