Breast Pumps

A breast pump may seem like a strange gift to buy someone else, but this could well be the best baby gift that the new mom receives. Good quality, hospital grade breast pumps are not cheap, but they are simply the best. This gift is not one that will sit at the back of the cupboard gathering dust. It will be the most treasured gift the person receives.

Breast Milk is Best for Babies

The best possible thing that a mom can do for their baby is to breastfeed them. Breast milk and breast feeding have so many proven benefits to both moms and bubs. It is not always easy to breastfeed. Sometimes, moms have milk supply problems, or they need to return to work. A good quality breast pump can ensure that both of these issues do not mean the end of the breastfeeding relationship.

Breast PumpsĀ Can Help with Milk Supply Issues

If the mother is having problems with her milk coming in, she has premature babies or she is struggling to produce enough milk, a good quality breast pump can help with all of these issues. However, anĀ average electric or manual pump will not be able to help much. This is why a good quality hospital grade breast pump like these are essential. They are designed to be powerful and comfortable enough to help moms establish, increase and sustain their supply.

A Breast Pump Can Ensure Breast Milk for Baby When Mom Returns to Work

It is a shame when kids have to stop enjoying all the benefits of breast milk when their moms return to work. With a good quality breast pump, this does not have to be the case. A hospital grade breast pump is great for working moms as it ensures a quick pump time. It will also help keep her milk supply up. Many moms who pump with cheaper pumps when they return to work, often find their breast milk supply dwindling. This is not the case for users of hospital grade ones.

Breast Pumps Mean That Dad Can Also Feed the Baby

One of the many benefits of using a breast pump is that it means that dad can also have a turn at feeding the baby. This is a great bonding time for them. It is also a great alternative if mom is not getting enough sleep or is sick and the baby is waking a lot. This way mom can get some extra sleep while dad helps out the baby still gets the benefit of breast milk. It also means that mom can get out alone occasionally and not have to worry about the baby being hungry and needing her to feed them.

Breast Pumps are Essential for Premature Births

When a baby is born premature, often they have to spend awhile at the hospital and are not yet able to feed at the breast. A good quality breast pump not only helps mom establish a breast milk supply, but also means that the premature baby can also still get the benefits of their mom’s milk. This is more important than ever in the case of premature babies who often have low immune systems and ill health.


A good quality, hospital grade breast pump makes a fabulous gift for a new baby and mom. They are not a cheap item, so often parents can not afford them on top of everything else they need to buy, so this can make them perfect. Many first time parents also do not realise all the benefits of having a high quality breast pump, but they are sure to be very thankful once they start using it regularly. Breast pumps are easy to maintain and clean and often come with warranties. They can be bought online or in the local baby shop.