Venues for Baby Showers

If you’ve ever been asked to organize a Baby Shower for someone the first detail you need to decide upon is where to hold it. Everything else comes after that. So how do you decide where to host it? What are the options? In this article we look at four choices for where to host a … Read more

Best Baby Shower Gifts Under $20

You need to buy a baby shower gift for a good price? It’s not always easy to find a great baby gift especially if you do not have children yourself and have no idea what a baby needs.  This can be made especially difficult if you are on a budget. Thankfully for you, we can … Read more

Announcement Blankets

announcement blanket

An announcement blanket is a blanket that has the announcement of the birth of a new baby and these blankets can be purchased at toy stores, online retailers and from specialty gift shops. Announcement blankets usually come in a variety of colors and the birth announcement is monogrammed on the blanket in a fancy font … Read more