What are the Main Features of an Umbrella Stroller?

The umbrella stroller is becoming increasingly popular in urban families because of its sleek design and easy dismantling. Unlike many strollers on the market the umbrella stroller is designed to fit down narrow streets and shop aisles, making it the perfect choice for parents who live in and around cities. It’s also lightweight and folds … Read more

Travel Cribs

lotus travel crib

A travel crib is a portable crib that is used when parents take their kids on trips and this crib is a neat tool to have since it makes traveling safer and easier for the parents. Travel cribs are lightweight and they fit inside most car trunks. The fun thing about travel cribs is that … Read more

Baby Sleeping Bags

When looking for a baby gift you come across this odd looking thing in the baby aisle. It looks like a pillowcase with a vest on the top. This is a baby sleeping bag, it is also known as a sleep sack or a swaddle sack. These are great little things for any weather as … Read more

Breast Pumps

hospital grade breast pump (2)

A breast pump may seem like a strange gift to buy someone else, but this could well be the best baby gift that the new mom receives. Good quality, hospital grade breast pumps are not cheap, but they are simply the best. This gift is not one that will sit at the back of the … Read more