Best Umbrella Stroller for Toddler and Infants

If you are thinking about buying an umbrella stroller for your baby gift, then you might be wondering what the best choice for the new parents is. After all there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of strollers on the market and they are all claiming to be the best. However that simply can’t … Read more

Buying a Voucher to a Pharmacy – Lame Yet Cool!

Looking for a super helpful baby shower gift? For something a bit different, and sure to be very useful, why not consider a gift voucher for a pharmacy. If you have not had a baby yourself, this might seem like a strange idea for a present, although once you have your own child you will … Read more

Top Games at a Baby Shower not Involving Alcohol

So it’s time to plan a baby shower! Baby showers are lots of fun, but they can be stressful to organise particularly if you have not been to many before. One of the toughest parts can be working out suitable games to play. Games that are fun, but not too dorky can be tough to … Read more

How To Host An Excellent Baby Shower

So your best friend or sister is having a baby. Congratulations! As they share the excited news you start thinking of all the cute little outfits you can get them to wear, the adorable bedding sets and nursery items and then it comes to you: you can throw her a baby shower! So you’ve offered … Read more

Baby Soothers

Walking through the baby aisle in your local store will have you bombarded with options of soothers. What is the right one? Which will the baby like? Does the mom even want to use soothers? All excellent questions. All the options… Soothers come in many different shapes, sizes, brands and materials. A few of the … Read more

Baby Blankets

baby blankets

Baby blankets do more than keep babies comfortable; they also serve as decorative pieces of the crib and you can use this as a keepsake to pass down to future generations. There are different types of baby blankets on the market and they all serve different needs. The security blanket is a basic blanket that … Read more

Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake is popular for baby showers and with this cake, there is no food involved. Basically a diaper cake has the layers of diapers stacked together to form the shape of a birthday cake. You can stack the diaper cake as high as you like and if you’re not skilled in creating the … Read more