Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake is popular for baby showers and with this cake, there is no food involved. Basically a diaper cake has the layers of diapers stacked together to form the shape of a birthday cake. You can stack the diaper cake as high as you like and if you’re not skilled in creating the diaper cake yourself, you can order it from a specialty shop. The benefit of diaper cakes is that you’re organizing the diapers in a neat way and the new mother will have enough diapers to last a few weeks after the baby’s birth.

Diaper Cakes Are Customizable

Another reason why diaper cakes make good gifts is because they are customizable. For example, if the theme for the baby shower is female superheroes, you can tie bows around the diaper cake that have this theme. Or if the mother to be likes nature, you can cover the diaper cake with leaves from herbs and flowers from your garden.

Tips on Creating a Diaper Cake

The first step in creating a diaper cake is to roll up each diaper with the ends open in an upwards direction. You wrap a ribbon around each rolled diaper and then you create a large bottom layer of rolled diapers. Next, have a medium sized layer of diapers in the middle and then very few diapers that form the top layer of the diaper cake. In between the layers of diapers, insert a few small items for the new baby.

Check out some of these great images to get you inspired or this instructional video of how to make a diaper cup cake!

Diaper Cakes Are Affordable

If you feel bad because you cannot buy a lavish gift for the new mother in your life, don’t feel bad because diaper cakes are affordable to buy since most gift stores offer them at decent prices. If you buy inexpensive diapers in bulk along with rubber bands, colored gift tissue, bows and ribbons, you can create a gift at a fraction of the price of most baby shower gifts.

Diaper Cakes Are Practical Gifts

While there is nothing wrong with giving the new mother a few fancy outfits, the latest baby toys, and picture books, sometimes the best gifts are the practical ones. When you give the new mother a big diaper cake you’re giving her something that she can use, especially if the new mother is on a fixed income and struggles to buy the basic necessities for the baby.


Diaper cakes are great gifts for the above mentioned reasons and this is why they’re presented often at baby showers. If you’re creating a diaper cake for a baby you do not know, it would be a good idea to ask someone close to the mother which size of diaper the baby currently wears. Decorate the cake by putting tiny jewels around the wrapping paper that the cake will be enclosed in and you can also paste photos of the baby on the wrapping paper outside of the cake along with a funny postcard to give encouragement to the new mother.