Baby Sleeping Bags

When looking for a baby gift you come across this odd looking thing in the baby aisle. It looks like a pillowcase with a vest on the top. This is a baby sleeping bag, it is also known as a sleep sack or a swaddle sack. These are great little things for any weather as … Read more

Teething Toys

teething toy

Teething toys are toys that babies use to help them adjust to the teething process, they undergo as they become toddlers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on teething toys since most toy stores sell these at discount or decent regular prices. One of the benefits of a teething toy is to … Read more

Breast Pumps

hospital grade breast pump (2)

A breast pump may seem like a strange gift to buy someone else, but this could well be the best baby gift that the new mom receives. Good quality, hospital grade breast pumps are not cheap, but they are simply the best. This gift is not one that will sit at the back of the … Read more

Organic Baby Clothes

organic baby clothing

Organic baby clothes are baby clothes that are manufactured with materials that would be considered organic such as bamboo or cotton. Organic baby clothes are Eco friendly and thanks to the rise in independent children’s clothing retailers, organic baby clothing is also stylish and affordable for parents to purchase. Organic baby clothing is great for … Read more

Baby Blankets

baby blankets

Baby blankets do more than keep babies comfortable; they also serve as decorative pieces of the crib and you can use this as a keepsake to pass down to future generations. There are different types of baby blankets on the market and they all serve different needs. The security blanket is a basic blanket that … Read more

Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake is popular for baby showers and with this cake, there is no food involved. Basically a diaper cake has the layers of diapers stacked together to form the shape of a birthday cake. You can stack the diaper cake as high as you like and if you’re not skilled in creating the … Read more

Announcement Blankets

announcement blanket

An announcement blanket is a blanket that has the announcement of the birth of a new baby and these blankets can be purchased at toy stores, online retailers and from specialty gift shops. Announcement blankets usually come in a variety of colors and the birth announcement is monogrammed on the blanket in a fancy font … Read more