Teething Toys

Teething toys are toys that babies use to help them adjust to the teething process, they undergo as they become toddlers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on teething toys since most toy stores sell these at discount or decent regular prices. One of the benefits of a teething toy is to soothe some of the baby’s pain and discomfort while teething so before you buy the toys you should read reviews to ensure that they serve this purpose well.

Tips on Buying Teething Toys Wisely

Watch out for teething toys that have finishes on them that could be toxic because this may harm the baby, and you should avoid teething toys that are too small to put in the baby’s mouth as this is a choking hazard. Never purchase teething toys with liquid in them because your baby could digest some of it if the toy has a hole in it. Don’t buy teething toys that contain BPA because this chemical harms your child’s brain development as he gets older.

Cleaning Teething Toys

You’ll need to clean teething toys frequently because your child’s germs get on the toys after constant usage and there are times when the baby will drop his teething toy around the house. When cleaning the toys, clean them according to package instructions.

Teething Pacifiers

If you’re traveling with your baby and he’s teething, pack a teething pacifier along with his other teething toys because the pacifiers assist him in soothing the pain while teething. Every few minutes you want to remove the pacifier from his mouth so that you can wipe off the excess saliva since babies often drool more when teething.

Shape Of Teething Toy Is Also Important

When you buy a teething toy you need to consider the shape because the best teething toy is one that is easy for the baby to hold to reduce irritation from the baby as he struggles to hold the toy to his mouth.


Teething is an important part of your baby’s life and with the right teething toys, your baby’s pain will gradually cease. Keep the toys out of reach of pets because they like to nibble on toys and if you’re not careful, the baby will get a hold of the toy that the dog nibbled on and this will cause problems for the baby. Clean the toys periodically and also use other methods of relieving the baby’s discomfort in addition to the toys. Finally, never let the baby sleep with the toy in his mouth as this can lead to choking.

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