Travel Cribs

A travel crib is a portable crib that is used when parents take their kids on trips and this crib is a neat tool to have since it makes traveling safer and easier for the parents. Travel cribs are lightweight and they fit inside most car trunks. The fun thing about travel cribs is that they come in diverse colors and patterns. For example, if you have a baby girl you may purchase a travel crib that has girly designs such as fairies, bold colored flowers, tiny lollipops and cute animals. Or if it is a boy you can buy a crib that has masculine designs such as toy trucks, tree trunks, sports equipment and blue birds.  Travel cribs make an excellent, loving baby gift.

Safety Advice for Using Travel Cribs

When using a travel crib, it is important that you set up the crib according to manufacturer’s instructions so that the crib will not collapse and injure the baby. When you shop for a travel crib you should also find one that has a neatly snug mattress on the inside of it to keep the baby from falling in between the mattress and the crib.

Travel Cribs Are Better Than Hotel Cribs

Another reason you should buy a travel crib is because it is safer than the hotel cribs according to travel safety experts. In one recent report, the safety inspector found that some hotel cribs had a mattresses that were covered with adult sheets and this was a hazard to babies. In another inspection, it was found that the rails on the hotel cribs were too loose and the plastic covering on the mattress was torn slightly.

Travel Cribs Are Affordable

You may think that travel cribs are just as expensive but this is not true because most stores offer discounts on the most popular crib brands and there are inexpensive brands that offer high quality travel cribs. At the same time, don’t choose a travel crib solely on the price because some cheaper brands are not always the best.  Travel Crib Reviews is a great tool to help you find the right travel crib for your needs in your price range.

These Cribs Are Helpful Even When Not Traveling

Travel cribs are used mainly for going on trips but these are helpful even when you’re not traveling. If you live in a small cottage house or studio apartment, sometimes it is not feasible to buy a traditional crib since it would take up too much space in a room. Or if you’re going to be in the kitchen for a few hours, you can put the travel crib a few feet away from you so you can monitor the baby.


lotus travel crib

Travel cribs serve different purposes and for the most part the cribs are safe for babies. Some models of cribs are better than others so before you buy a travel crib it is a good idea to read reviews and get recommendations from those you know. Look out for any recent recalls on certain cribs and do troubleshooting if you sense any problems with the crib. Our favourite choice is the Lotus Travel Crib (pictured above).  Finally, keep the crib clutter free as too many objects in the crib pose a safety hazard.