Venues for Baby Showers

If you’ve ever been asked to organize a Baby Shower for someone the first detail you need to decide upon is where to hold it. Everything else comes after that. So how do you decide where to host it? What are the options?

In this article we look at four┬áchoices for where to host a Baby Shower: someone’s home, a function center or conference room, a restaurant and a hotel room. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses so keep reading to find the best option for you.

Someone’s Home

The obvious choice is to hold the shower in your home, or the home of the mother to be, or someone else connected to them. It’s a good traditional choice, and allows you to set up and pack up at your leisure. You’re not on the clock.

However, is your (or whoever’s) home big enough? If it is going to be a large baby shower maybe not. And of course, if it is at someone’s home that means all the catering and decoration falls on volunteer shoulders. That’s not for everyone.


  • Costs little
  • All the time to decorate it as needed
  • Can host the type of Baby Shower you want


  • Someone has to tidy up
  • Space might be limited
  • Everything has to be done yourself

A Function Center or Hall

From your own home lets go to all the way to the other end of the scale – hiring a proper venue. This could be either a function hall, like those used for weddings or a conference room at a hotel.

You’ll get a lot of space so you can hold the type of shower the mother to be wants, and kids can run around. And if you want, you can pay for decorations and catering – most venues will only be happy to help you arrange it all…

…at a cost. However you will be able to decorate the venue yourself, and provide food if you want, and just stick to renting the room.

Other than the cost – which can be big – is that these venues might be taken up with weddings and the like, which means you’ll be stuck with less popular times. And because you’re renting it by the hour (typically) set up and clean up time (if needed) aren’t free.


  • Big space – can do what you want
  • Flexibility to organize or outsource what you want


  • Can be very costly
  • And have to pay by the hour
  • Might be stuck with less than ideal times
  • May still need to clean up

A Restaurant

If the Baby Shower is going to revolve around a meal then a restaurant might be a good choice. You can be certain that they’ll do the catering!

Most restaurants will either provide a room provided you guarantee to order a minimum amount of food and drinks or insist on a set menu at a per head charge. This can add up, making it a possibly expensive option.

The restaurant probably won’t decorate the venue for you, although staff might help set up decorations you provide (generally fancier places more used to hosting events will do things like this). If you pick a restaurant you’ll be stuck with getting the decorations sorted.

Having a meal at a restaurant will spare you cooking but it shapes the dynamic of the shower. You’ll be mainly sitting at a table which restrictions conversation, other activities (if any) and might not be ideal for kids if any where invited. So it is best for small to medium groups.

Still, you’ll be spared the washing up!


  • No catering
  • No cleaning or washing up
  • Not as much organisation as a function venue


  • Can be very expensive
  • Less room, mostly have to sit
  • Not ideal for kids who might attend

A Hotel Room

A Hotel Room is a good compromise between being able to hire a space and the cost. If your party is not large then a hotel room could be a good choice. You might be able to arrange an earlier check-in, too, if they are not too busy that day.

Depending on the hotel it should be significantly cheaper than a whole function hall, or even a restaurant. We’re not talking about Super 8, but it doesn’t need to be at the nearest Marriott either.

The size of room can be determined by how many people are to come – some rooms can fit quite a lot of people in.

While you will still have to do the decoration yourself (most likely) you maybe be able to outsource the catering to the hotel (although it may not be cheap). You can still cater for yourself if you want as well.

The nice thing about a hotel is – provided you don’t break anything – there’s no cleaning up to do!


  • Potentially a much cheaper option
  • Catering can be a job for the hotel
  • Less time pressure – the room is yours for the day/night
  • They’ll clean up for you!


  • A smaller space – can limit the people you can have and what you can do
  • Can still be expensive in busy periods (depending on the hotel)

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