What are the Main Features of an Umbrella Stroller?

The umbrella stroller is becoming increasingly popular in urban families because of its sleek design and easy dismantling. Unlike many strollers on the market the umbrella stroller is designed to fit down narrow streets and shop aisles, making it the perfect choice for parents who live in and around cities. It’s also lightweight and folds down to a reasonable size making it a good choice for any parents who are fond of travelling.

If you are thinking about a great baby gift for new parents, then an umbrella stroller is a great choice!

Features on an umbrella stroller

When it comes to an umbrella stroller the features directly correspond with the price. This means that they range from a standard stroller that does the job, to a fancy stroller that can play music, tell you the time and hold your drink.

This being said the umbrella stroller always has certain features that define it for what it is. These features include handles that are in an upside down ‘J’ shape, the stroller being lightweight and it folding easily, somewhat like an umbrella.

What benefits does an umbrella stroller offer?

The main advantages of an umbrella stroller are felt by people who frequently travel and people who live in urban areas. They are normally much easier to control than full size strollers and this makes navigating busy streets and narrow shopping aisles a lot easier on the parent. They also fold down with relevant ease meaning loading the stroller onto a bus or into a car isn’t as much of a hassle. The umbrella stroller is also designed to fold down to the smallest possible size, so it’s much easier to fit it into the back of your car with your food shop.

Would an umbrella stroller suit someone in a rural area?

The umbrella stroller wasn’t designed with rural areas in mind, although they are more than adequate for day trips to the country side. The main disadvantages of an umbrella stroller can be felt when in rural areas however as things like suspension are sorely missed. The wheels also fail to impress on rough country roads as they are designed for smooth pathways not dirt roads. So you will notice over constant use on rural roads that the wheels will wear out much faster than other strollers.

From what age is an umbrella stroller suitable?

An umbrella stroller isn’t suitable from birth due to its upwards sitting design. However you will find from around the six month mark that you will have no problems using an umbrella stroller for your little one. You might think that it’s a waste of money to buy a new stroller so soon after birth but you will find that the umbrella stroller will in most cases last all the way through to your child walking, providing you look after it.

The umbrella stroller is an excellent choice for any parent who lives in an urban area or who travels a lot. The range of features you can get with the umbrella stroller are almost limitless and there is a make and model to suit any parents budget.

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