Organic Baby Clothes

Organic baby clothes are baby clothes that are manufactured with materials that would be considered organic such as bamboo or cotton. Organic baby clothes are Eco friendly and thanks to the rise in independent children’s clothing retailers, organic baby clothing is also stylish and affordable for parents to purchase. Organic baby clothing is great for a baby’s skin because of the natural fibers’ softness in this kind of baby clothing. Traditional baby clothing that contains synthetic fibers and additives could cause discomfort in the baby’s skin.

No Pesticides or Formaldehyde in Organic Baby Clothes

Another reason you should choose organic baby clothes is because unlike regular baby clothes with cotton that has been treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, organic baby clothes don’t contain these. As a result your baby can wear clothing safely without experiencing negative side effects to the baby’s body.

Bamboo Organic Baby Clothing

Bamboo is a natural fiber that comes from the bamboo plant and if you want good organic baby clothing, bamboo clothing is ideal because it doesn’t cause itching and skin irritation on babies’ skin.  If your baby has skin allergies, bamboo clothing is soft on the skin and it is comfortable for the baby. Another good thing about bamboo clothing is that it offers excellent protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

Organic Reusable Cloth Diapers

In an effort to help parents go green with baby clothing, some children’s retailers are selling organic reusable cloth diapers as an alternative to the regular plastic diapers that most supermarkets sell. The fun thing about these cloth diapers is that they come in beautiful colors and patterns, and they’re not hard to wash. Make sure you wash the organic cloth diapers with a non toxic liquid soap to prevent skin infections on the baby.

How To Buy Affordable Organic Baby Clothing

Most major department stores offer weekly sales of organic baby clothing and you can also visit online children’s clothing retailers to purchase the clothing. Mail order catalogs sometimes offer organic baby clothing at discount prices and if there are independent clothing boutiques in your area, inquire about any bargains they may have on this kind of clothing.

Other Good Materials Used in Organic Baby Clothing

Aside from cotton and bamboo, here are other good materials that are used in organic baby clothing. Hemp is a weed that is naturally grown and this makes the material sustainable for producing clothes. Hemp is breathable and insulates well against harsh weather elements. Linen derives from flax and it offers coolness to babies in hot weather.


If you want high quality clothing for your baby, organic baby clothing is excellent because of the above mentioned reasons. You’re also helping the environment remain a better place by purchasing organic baby clothing.  Finally, wash the clothing with gentle cleaning products for the baby’s safety.