Baby Blankets

Baby blankets do more than keep babies comfortable; they also serve as decorative pieces of the crib and you can use this as a keepsake to pass down to future generations.

There are different types of baby blankets on the market and they all serve different needs. The security blanket is a basic blanket that is primarily designed to protect and comfort a baby while the receiving blanket is a kind of blanket that can be used to wipe up stains or as a mat to place the baby on. The swaddling blanket is for use when rocking the baby to sleep.

No Sew Baby Blankets

If you’re crafty, but cannot sew well, you can make a no sew baby blanket. Start by visiting local fabric stores and purchasing different no-sew outfits, patterns to give you inspiration in creating the no sew baby blanket. Cut out a few pieces of fleece or linen fabric and cut off the fringed edges of the pieces of fleece. Finally, you would tie the fleece pieces and fringes together to create the blanket.

Here is a guide to making one yourself.

Baby Blankets Provide Protection From The Sun

One benefit of having a blanket for the baby is that the baby gets protection from the sun, rain and harsh winds outside. During the cold months thick blankets protect the baby so that he can stay warm while you’re out and about with him. In addition to putting the blanket over him, put thick socks over him so that his feet will stay warm and put a somewhat heavy coat and hat on him.

Things You Can Embroider On Baby Blankets

Now that you made your baby blankets, here are some ideas for putting embroidery designs on them if you have good sewing skills. If you have a baby girl you can embroider designs such as colorful birds, beautiful flowers, candy canes, pink balloons or sheep on the blanket. If you have a son you can embroider airplanes, footballs, baseballs, wagons, and kites on the blankets.

Printing Photos On Baby Blankets

If you want something a little more dazzling for your baby blankets, take some of your baby’s pictures to a professional graphic designer and have him print these photos on the blankets for you. The benefit of doing this is that you’ll always have a visual memory of the baby on the blankets.


Baby blankets have existed for centuries and they make heartwarming gifts for new parents. If your baby is now a toddler, don’t let those blankets go to waste because if you don’t plan to have new children soon, drop off the blankets at local Goodwill stores so that needy families can benefit from the blankets. Baby blankets are not very hard to clean and to maintain them, put them in plastic and keep them in a climate controlled closet in the house. Another idea is to take old baby blankets and create curtains out of them for the nursery if you’re having another baby.

There is also the option of an announcement blanket ot a baby sleeping bag.